More than just a great Home inspection

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Inspection services we provide

Residential Inspections

Our standard home inspection is detailed oriented and designed with the customer in mind. We will provide a detailed report with pictures, action items, and recommendations that that you understand what the next steps are.

Pre Listing Inspections

Pre Listing Inspections are becoming very popular now a days. Most of the real estate contracts that fall through are because an inspector brought in by the buyers found a major component that is deficient. These types of inspections provide the seller with a position were the selling process wont be delayed due to issues that may arise on an inspection prior to closing.

New construction

Most people think that just because a house is a new construction, does not need an inspection and that is not a true statement! On many new construction inspections we have encountered components that are not conforming to manufacturing specifications, or local codes. For instance homes with no insulation, no local disconnect for the air conditioner unit, missing or improperly installed shingles, among others.

11 month inspections (1 year)

Most builders in Florida issue 1 year warranties on all of the components in and around the house. That’s why the industry has come up with the 11 month inspection. This unique inspection focuses on all of the components of the home and will alert you as a homeowner if there are any systems that are not working properly, or perhaps something that was installed incorrectly when the house was built. With the report you will be empowered to reach out to the builders and request them to fix all components that are documented as action items.

4 Point Inspections

Many older homes require an additional report for the bank to approve the home loan. This type of inspection focuses on the 4 major components of every house; roof, air conditioning, the electrical system, and the plumbing. After our inspection process, we will provide you, for your insurance company, with a completed form designed by the insurance industry, with all the proper documentation of the inspection findings. We can perform this type of inspections in combination with a standard home inspection, or if you are refinancing and the bank only requires this inspection, we can provide it.

Wind Mitigation Inspection Report

This type of inspection focuses on the ability of the house to withstand hurricane force winds. I am a certified inspector that looks over a property for specific weather withstanding features. … Though a wind mitigation inspection is not required to get Florida homeowners insurance, it can result in substantial savings. Consult with your insurance provider if a wind mitigation would benefit you as a homeowner or potential buyer. We can perform this type of inspections in combination with a standard home inspection, or if you are refinancing, or switching insurance agents.

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More than just a great inspection
Experience and support you can trust… during and after your inspection.

Latest 5-star Google reviews

“I must say I was on the fence about hiring an inspector for a brand new home, but I am so glad we did. Raul Rivera did an excellent job uncovering some hidden problems, and made my stress level easier to manage knowing I was well aware of all the items that needed attention be for closing. I highly recommend this company for your home inspection needs. It’s a small price to pay for a huge peace of mind. Reports are easy to read, summary with pictures to share with your builder and a nice check list. Thank you Raul Rivera” Patricia Guzman
“Perfect service. Raul setup an appointment the next day. Was on time and completed a very thorough inspection. Found a couple major and few minor issues that the seller fixed before we closed on our new home. If you want to be able to make a wise decision on a new home buy, Raul is your guy. He also followed up with the insurance company for the 4point inspection. Overall impeccable service. Will recommend to family and friends without a doubt.” Daniel
“I’ve bought a few houses over the years and I’ve learned that home inspections are not created equal. Into The Light provided the most complete inspection report that I have ever received. The report was well written and easy to understand. It clearly identified all the areas that needed repairs. Mr. Rivera was courteous and professional. He clearly communicated and arrived on time. I would highly recommend Into The Light Home Inspections to anyone in need of a complete and thorough home inspection.” Cory Patterson